The initiative to found Asian Society of Veterinary Ophthalmology (AiSVO) was taken on the occasion of the ACVO San Antonio meeting in 2006 (Oct 31 ~Nov 4, 2006).  At this meeting, Drs Akihiko Saito(Japan), Chung-Tien Lin(Taiwan), Michael Chang(Taiwan-USA) and Kangmoon Seo(Korea) discussed how to make the Asian society.  After that, Several informal preparative meetings were held in Rakuno Gakuen University (July 2008), ACVO Boston meeting (Oct 2008), AMAMS Taipei meeting (Dec 2009), JSCVO Osaka meeting (Aug 2010) and Seoul meeting (Nov 2010).  In March 2011, Dr Ron Ofri (Israel) made “External” credential committee (CC) to select the Founder diplomats of the Asian College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists (AiCVO).  The members of external credential committee were Drs Ron Ofri (Chairman, ECVO, Hebrew University), Frans Stades (ECVO, University of Utrecht), Babara Nell (ECVO, University of Vienna), David Maggs (ACVO, UC Davis), and Mike Davidson (ACVO, North Carolina State University).   The CC nominated 5 founder diplomats of AiCVO including Drs Nobuyuki Kanemaki (Japan), Kumiko Kato (Japan), Chung-Tien Lin(Taiwan), Akihiko Saito (Japan) and Kangmoon Seo (Korea) in Aug 2011.  At the same time, Drs Kudo Soroku (Japan) and Tadao Kotani (Japan) were invited as an Honorary Diplomates.  By October of the same year Dr Kangmoon Seo had drafted the constitution and bylaws of the AiSVO and he made the symbolic logo of AiSVO.
The first official AiSVO meeting was held with ISVO and WSAVA meeting in Jeju ICC, Korea on October 13, 2011. The key note speakers of the 1st meeting were Drs PGC Bedford, Ron Ofri and Akihiko Saito.
The second AiSVO meeting was held with JSCVO meeting in Nagoya Congress Center, Japan on July 20, 2012. In this meeting, the following individuals were invited as de facto diplomats of the AiCVO: Drs Takashi Hasegawa (Japan), Tasavarin Kanchanachaya (Thailand), Seiya Maehara (Japan) and Naoaki Takiyama (Japan).  
The third AiSVO meeting was held with AMAMS meeting in Bogor on December 13~15, 2013.  From this meeting, wet-lab lectures were started.  The key note speaker was Dr Thomas Sullivan (ACVO, USA). In  this meeting, Drs Manbok Jeong (Korea), Dong Beum Ji (Korea), Kazutaka Kanai (Japan), Yukako Kobayashi (Japan) and Sukjong Yoo (Korea) were invited as de facto diplomats of the AiCVO. The de facto procedure will be ended in 2015. 
The 4th AiSVO meeting will be held in Taipei, Taiwan on Aug 30~Sep 1, 2014.