The highlights of Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s harbor and night view is amazing. Where to get the best angle on Hong Kong harbour - including the best night view
Today Hong Kong Harbor, or Victoria Harbour as it is properly known, is all but retired as a maritime motorway but it does remain one of Hong Kong’s major tourist attractions. Squeezed between the mountains of Kowloon and the soaring skyscrapers of Hong Kong Island, its shimmering waters are banked by the neon skyscrapers of Hong Kong harbour. This is the iconic image of Hong Kong. 
Below are our five picks of the five locations to get the best angle on the harbour. Make it even more special by turning up for the Symphony of Lights. This grand light and laser spectacular gives the harbour a special shine at night. Five Best Places to View Hong Kong Harbor.

Hong Kong is an exciting city with lots of fun activities and terrific nightlife, from sophisticated jazz bars to late-night clubbing at Lan Kwai Fong (or LKF). LKF is one of the hottest place to party in the world.
The streets of LKF are some of Hong Kong’s most tourist-trodden, especially at night. From Korean-style beers and palatable Canadian lobsters, to imported premium red wines, a great variety of fine restaurants and bars can be found along this steep path. Check out our guide to the 10 best bars in LKF, currently burning things up with delectable East-meets-West recipes and extensive wine lists.

The food is amazing in Hong Kong, from street vendors to local dim sum to Michelin-star international cuisine. The culinary adventures in Hong Kong are endless!
LKF is the most vibrant rallying point for nightlife in Hong Kong, there are over 90 restaurants and bars to choose from in LKF. Upon indulging in the culturally diversified atmosphere, you should not resist the culinary delights of the East-meets-West delicacies, or the restaurants with award-winning reputations and exoticism. Among the many dining options, from old-time favourites to high-end restaurants, we have found the 10 best restaurants in the bustling area.